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MoovingON provides 24/7 NOC as a service, DevOps and SRE expertise, monitoring and automation solution. We understand that each customer is unique and therefore adapt our standard packages to match your requirements. MoovingON turnkey solutions allows organizations to focus on innovation and customer experience With the understanding that their production environment is monitored and managed by a team of cloud experts. Over 100 customer have entrusted us with their most valuable assets knowing we are always on, always ready to keep them running.

Your life with MoovingON:

  • Turnkey service - 24/7 availability services without the hassle of managing it
  • Best practices from Day one - faster time to value
  • Increased team productivity - eliminate unnecessary escalations
  • A bird's eye view - rapidly detect blind spots and avoid downtime
  • Focus on business and technical growth - let us do the rest

    • An accountable partner - improvements are common interest
    • XiteiT- State of the art CloudOps platform
    • Managed resources - 24/7 transparency with a professional team, at your service
    • Continues improvements - be in the details but also analyze the big picture
    • Opex Vs. Capex - Make your CFO happier
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