Why Us?

A Decade Of Excellence In
24/7 Production Workloads

Since 2011, MoovingON has been helping leading brands to ensure their cloud infrastructure and applications uptime. We are truly customer obsessed, as our customers are growing so do we.

Problem solving, open communication, energy and excellence, are the core principles that are fostering team diversity and inclusion at MoovingON and what make us enjoy working together and achieve our goals.


Proven service quality for decade

Our customers love us. That is why they are staying with us for many years. We grow with our customers and always strive for support them along their journey.


Security and privacy above all

Maintaining industry certification standards such as ISO27001 and GDPR compliancy, validates our commitment to the security and privacy of our customers, confirming that the technology, processes and infrastructure are safely secured and protected.


Like you, we also build cloud software

We also develop a cloud native platform, so we understand precisely what you are going through. Because of that, we will monitor your solution in the same quality and accountability as for ourselves.


XiteiT - Proven technology used by 100+ customers

Our cloud-based NOC management solution, accessible to every customer of ours, combines best practices with community knowledge. It allows us to serve an ever-growing customer base without compromising SLA and quality.

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